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Ten Years

of Service

providing high-quality education for marginalized children in the Highlands of Guatemala



for sponsoring Nicolás Fund for Education’s 2022 Fulfilling a Dream Fundraiser. All donations raised will directly benefit students at Nicolás Christian School and  village educational programs in the Ixil region.

Thank You

Equipping Future Generations

Our scholarship program helps communities in the Guatemalan highlands lift vulnerable children – and their communities – out of poverty.

Nicolas Fund for Education earned a 2021 Platinum Seal of Transparency!

Now, everyone can see our strategy, metrics, and achievements

“I feel happy to be in
[Nicolás Christian] School because it
teaches me the right path.”
– Juan Elías, La Esperanza

14 students received a preschool education
learning Spanish words.
Their native tongue is a
Mayan dialect called K’iche’.
Four students graduated from preschool!

15 Nicolás Christian School students
graduated from High School.
22 students graduated
from junior high school.

Average schooling in Guatemala is a short four years and only three in ten children graduate from sixth grade

Funds received from donors provide scholarships which include tuition, school uniforms, tutoring, school supplies, mentoring and transportation.

Make an Impact

You can have a powerful, lasting impact on a Mayan child. Help NFE create mini-libraries in isolated villages with no other access to books. Click the link below to see how you can help fill our libraries!

“The more I came to know them, the more I realized that despite all our differences, we share the same hopes, dreams and goals for our families, for our children and for their futures. Dreams of health, education and better lives.”
– Impact Team Member Gail Hall