What We Do


Our scholarship program helps communities in the Guatemalan Highlands lift vulnerable children – and their communities – out of poverty. By providing marginalized children in these villages with educational opportunities, we help them achieve their God-given abilities.  According to USAID, average schooling in Guatemala is a short four years and only three in ten children graduate from sixth grade.

Funds received from donors provide scholarships which include tuition, school uniforms, tutoring, school supplies, nutritious food, and transportation.

Nicolás Fund for Education Goals

  1. Increase the graduation rate from the 9th grade level of all village children to at least 80% of those who start 7th grade in our Christian-based academic program.
  2. Increase the percentage of children that graduate from High School (or equivalent) to 80% that start 7th grade in our program.
  3. Instill a desire for graduates to contribute to the Ixil region and to their own community so they can “pass on the blessing.”
  4. Create a sustainable education initiative involving the village education committees, village families, and primary school teachers.
  5. Provide opportunities through Impact trips for donors and others to personally engage with Nicolás Fund for Education scholars and their families.
  6. Education with a Village (eWAVE) supporters fund education projects empowering Ixil youth and form long-lasting connections with villages transforming lives and impacting whole communities through Christ-centered teamwork.