A Journey of Grace, Hope, and Faith: My Experience in Guatemala

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Greetings! My name is Sheri, and I am delighted to share an extraordinary experience I had in Guatemala this past February with the Nicolás Fund For Education’s Mission Team. This journey with Peninsula Lutheran Church members was a testament to the power of grace, hope, and faith.

A Royal Welcome

Upon our arrival at Nicolás school, we were greeted as if we were royalty. The eldest grade students escorted us to breakfast on our first day, where we were treated to a wonderful meal. Immediately following, the students prepared an assembly based on scripture and infused it with local culture. The grace these students exhibited, even as we were there to learn, help, and observe, was truly overwhelming.

Classrooms Filled with Love and Respect

We were welcomed into the classrooms, witnessing the daily practice of scripture reading and hymn singing. The teachers and students invited us to pray with them and for them. The teachers’ sense of love and grace for the students was palpable, and in return, I could feel immense respect from the students toward their teachers. The principal and teachers knew each student by name, and every student seemed comfortable asking for prayer or discussing their struggles.

Hope and Faith: The Foundation of Education

Each student radiated a level of hope – within us, their school, and the teachers before them. It was evident that this school is rooted in faith, as every morning began with hymns, Bible readings led by the teachers, and prayer. Watching these children light up as our team introduced them to new subject matter was an amazing experience. Through faith and determination, they realized they could achieve great things and reach their goals and aspirations.

Gratitude for Being a Part of Their Journey

I am incredibly grateful to play a small role in what God has planned for this school and the students fortunate enough to attend. This experience has left an indelible mark on my heart, and I will forever cherish the memories of the grace, hope, and faith I witnessed in Guatemala.

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