Letter from Nicolás Fund for Education’s National Director

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Ivan España, NFE National Director

Dear Partners in the ministry:

This year was special in many ways. We said that our building was closed but our school was not. And it was real. I just returned from the Ixil area a couple of hours ago. In spite of the disaster created by Hurricane ETA, thanks to your donations, we were able to celebrate the graduation of thirty-eight students from ten different villages!

In some cases, like in Villa Hortensia I, these students are the very first graduating class ever in the history of that village! Seven eleventh-graders and two ninth-graders celebrated with close family members.

2020 Home Graduation Ceremony

Keeping the COVID-19 safety protocols, we visited the homes of each one of the graduates and performed a mini-graduation ceremony. In the presence of parents and some close family members, we prayed for our graduates and blessed each student’s home. After several days and 25,000 steps, I can tell you, this wouldn’t have been possible without your past support. 

In the middle of this pandemic adventure we celebrated. Thanks to you, every one of our Nicolás Christian School students was able to access the gift of education through the use of tablets and the first off-line educational platform of the region with NICO (New and Innovative Learning Content Off-line).

2020 Preschool Graduating Class Students

In the San Nicolás Village, we had a brand-new graduating class from our preschool. This is the first class of students under the age of six graduating from preschool in the history of the village.

Jacinto Pasá, father of 2020 Graduate Maria Isabel

In one of the villages we visited, Jacinto Pasá expressed his Joy because his daughter, Maria Isabel, had just graduated from the eleventh grade. I saw that smile and I couldn’t resist staring at him. Jacinto immediately said,  “I AM VERY HAPPY!”  I asked, “May I take a photo of your happiness?” This is the resulting picture.  I should also mention that Jacinto had painted his entire house to celebrate his daughter’s graduation; the paint was still wet!

We appreciate your continued prayers and help as we pursue breaking the cycle of poverty through education in the Ixil Region, thanks to God and with your generous support.


Ivan España
National Director
Nicolás Fund for Education

Join us on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 for the 2020 Virtual Graduation Celebration! Registration is not required. Click the link below to join us.

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  1. Los quiero felicitar sinceramente porque es un gran trabajo el que están realizando, la educación es la base sólida para toda prosperidad, sigan adelante con la bendición de Dios y de nuevo mil felicitaciones!!

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      Gracias, Gustavo. Estamos muy orgullosos de nuestro equipo docente y estudiantes. ¡Son verdaderos campeones!

      Thanks, Gustavo. We are very proud of our teaching team and students. They are true champions!

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  2. La educación es la base para erradicar la pobreza cómo también es objetivo para un desarrollo sostenible. Detrás de esto existen donantes, director nacional (Iván España), el director del CCN y los maestros, felicidades a todos.

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      Estamos muy agradecidos con los fieles donantes que hacen posible la educación de los estudiantes de Nicolás Christian School y los pueblos. Ivan España, el profesor Braulio y todo el personal docente y escolar son líderes genuinos que ayudan a romper el ciclo de pobreza de nuestros preciosos estudiantes.

      We are so thankful to the faithful donors who make education possible for the students at Nicolás Christian School and the villages. Ivan España, Professor Braulio, and all the faculty and school staff are genuine leaders helping to break the cycle of poverty for our precious students.

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