Fulfilling A Dream 2016: Nicolás Christian School

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Principal Video Screenshot

NFE Board member, Kathy Riper, provided a status update on developments at Nicolás Christian School, aided by two videos that featured our new computer and science laboratories.

Professor Braulio Mateo Bach Cabrera gave an excellent introduction of all the changes the school has experienced since opening in January 2016. On behalf of the parents of NCS students and NCS staff, Prof. Braulio expressed gratitude to the donors who have made all of this happen!

The videos were narrated by our excellent NCS English teacher, Moíses David Cárcamo Méndez, as he gave us a guided tour through the Nicolás Christian School campus. Moíses said that the school is very proud of the science lab, which Moíses said is the only one in the Ixil region!

A second video featured interviews with three students whose lives have been changed by Nicolás Fund for Education. NFE scholar, Otilia (“Oti”), graduated last November and is now working as a secretary in a law office in Nebaj. Julio, a current 11th grader at Nicolás Christian School, described the impact that Nicolás Christian School is having on his life, and how he hopes to attend the National Civil Police Academy after he graduates. NCS student Catarina Ester expressed her thanks to God, to NFE donors and to her parents for allowing her to attend Nicolás Christian School. It was wonderful to see how God has been at work in their lives!

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