A Pandemic Story: Education is an Act of Love

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by Natividad, a senior at Nicolás Christian School in 2021

Cordova Cedillo, Juanita. Natividad. 2020, illustration. Nicolás Christian School, Ixil, Guatemala.

I was at home for a few days and was sad because I could no longer attend classes. Suddenly, I received a tablet with a memory card and on that memory card they had homework and tutorial videos covering each topic! I was satisfied with this homework because I didn’t want to lose a year of school.

I went to work happily because the teachers also came to visit me and cheer me on. Every day that passed made me super happy because I received the love of my school.

During the time that I was locked up because of the pandemic, the ministry partners did not abandon me. Nicolás Christian School delivered bags of food when the pandemic restrictions made it hard to access food. Every time this type of support arrived, my face was filled with joy because my school watches over my health and cares about the education of their students. Nicolás Fund for Education is an institution that has supported me. That is why I am super proud to be in this school because I am awarded a scholarship by the ministry partners and I am always grateful to them and to the teachers.

Although the disease “Coronavirus Covid-19” arrived in Guatemala, I did not give up. I always struggled in life and struggled to do my homework even though the teachers are not by my side. I still have the strength to continue with my studies. I continued forward and made an effort to do my homework. Although life has challenged me to a hard battle, I do not give up; I continue to have courage because I have a very big vision.

Covid-19 has made it impossible to hug my loved ones, but that does not mean that I will stop showing affection and love towards others. Although I am going through a bad time, I keep walking. I always think that the “bad thing is only the moment and not about me”. When I feel lonely or sad about something that happens in my life, I always remember the phrase:

“Everybody wants happiness. Nobody wants heartbreak. But there can be no rainbow without a little rain.”

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