Fulfilling a Dream 2017: A Success Story

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Nicolás Fund for Education is grateful for the generous donations made in response to our 2017 Fulfilling a Dream (FaD) fundraiser!

[spacer height=”20px”]Thanks to our supporters, we were able to raise $136,000 that evening to help fund our 2018 academic year! Without your help, many of our NFE students would not have been able to pursue education after the sixth grade.

In her talk, Ana Córdova, FaD’s keynote speaker and an NFE graduate, described her years of hard work; perseverance in her pursuit of her educational dreams; and her loyalty to her family. Ana Córdova’s gratitude for her education – a blessing only possible through NFE supporters – delivered a compelling case for the mission of NFE, and we were personally touched by her message.

NFE still has work to do to obtain an additional $50K to fully fund the 2018 academic year, but we feel confident that with God’s help and provision we will reach our final goal by December 31.

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