Update on the New Nicolás Christian School

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Potential Property for a New School

Our July team had the opportunity to view potential properties and assess how well they would meet our needs for the new school.  We now believe that we have found our ideal location, and are commencing negotiations.

Once the deal is secured, more information about the property will be shared. We are so grateful to an anonymous donor, as they have agreed to cover the cost of the land for us. We plan to begin developing site-specific architectural plans soon. The proposed location has 4G and a cell tower across the street!  It will have the best connectivity in the area!

Construction Costs

We are accepting individual donations and grants from foundations towards the cost of construction of the new school with a target to raise $300,000.

This new school will accommodate 150 students and will be much closer to our students’ villages. This location will significantly reduce, but not completely eliminate, the significant expenditures for transportation.

Volunteers Needed

We are seeking volunteers to assist us with raising the funds needed to build and equip the school and to assist us in planning the school.

Interested in Volunteering? We’d love to hear how you’d like to help!



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