Ixil Textile Sale and November Impact Team Report

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[spacer height=”20px”]Join us on December 4th at 11:30 am for our Textile Sale to purchase beautiful and colorful hand-woven textiles from Guatemala! [spacer height=”20px”]The textile sale will be in Fellowship Hall at Evergreen Covenant Church on Mercer Island. We will also be hosting July and November Team trip reports that day in addition to the Textile Sale and snacks will be served. Come and hear how our school’s first graduation ceremonies went!  The Trip Report will be in ECC’s Fellowship Hall on the second floor.  Parking available in the main parking lot, upper parking lot and on the street.

Carpentry Program

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Nicolás Christian School is training our students to build their own desks! [spacer height=”20px”]Currently, students use tables and benches. This is problematic because when a student needs to get up, the whole bench must stand up and that interrupts learning. Students will be provided with a template of a student desk with a writing surface from which to work. Students will be trained to use carpentry tools and how to follow the template design while teachers oversee the project. This program will teach valuable carpentry skills to both boys and girls, in addition to providing school furniture!

Student Videos

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[spacer height=”20px”]Our Nicolás Christian School students have been self-producing videos featuring the “Student of the Week”. [spacer height=”20px”]You can find these videos on our website in the “Video Gallery” section. The videos are an excellent way to get to know individual students and teachers at Nicolás Christian School. The students are developing marketable skills such as Digital Imaging, Conceptual Storytelling, Editing, Production, Sound Design, and Scriptwriting. The NCS students in the media program have an incredible potential to impact their communities and develop their God-given abilities. With the skills garnered through the media program, the students also have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. However, they are in need of some additional resources such as microphones and editing equipment. Will you help provide the video production equipment for these talented children?  

Would You Like To Attend Our Nicolás Christian School Graduation Ceremonies Virtually?

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We are hoping to offer virtual attendance at our Nicolás Christian School graduation ceremonies on November 15, 2017. [spacer height=”20px”]We are still working out details to make sure this will be feasible, but if we can arrange it, you would click a specific link which would be e-mailed prior to the ceremony.  If this is something that you would be interested in, please contact Becci Merritt via the form below.  

Special Guatemalan Textile Sale and July Trip Report

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Nicolás Fund for Education will be holding a special Guatemalan textile sale at Evergreen Covenant Church on December 4th. [spacer height=”20px”]This event will be held in the Fellowship Hall on the second floor from 11:15 am – 2 pm. Evergreen Covenant Church is located at 3200 78th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040. In addition to the Textile Sale, the NFE July team will host a trip report. [spacer height=”20px”]A light snack will be served. Come and hear about the amazing work that NFE has been doing through Nicolás Christian School, Villa Hortencia 1 and Belén! These textiles were hand-woven using traditional back-strap looms in the Ixil region of Guatemala, where Nicolás Fund for Education is working. The back-strap loom is an ancient form of weaving, and Guatemalan women produce some of the best weavings in the world. This form of weaving is universally practiced by our student’s mothers and even by some of our Nicolás Christian School students. These textiles are colorful, very functional and feature Mayan cultural designs that date back centuries. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience art from another culture, to purchase a unique and beautiful Christmas gift or to add a dash of color to your home. [spacer height=”20px”]All proceeds will benefit the Nicolás Fund for Education, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to improve education for indigenous Mayan students in this region of Guatemala. Help support the education of these children. Education will empower these children to compete politically and economically in the future of their country.

Frequent Flyer Miles

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[spacer height=”20px”]Are you someone who has accumulated a stockpile of frequent flyer miles? [spacer height=”20px”]There are individuals going on NFE trips who would very much appreciate your donation of those miles to help make their trip to Guatemala possible! Contact us on the form below for more information.

Upcoming Trip Dates

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[spacer height=”20px”]It is not too late to go with our team in November to celebrate the graduations of our students! [spacer height=”20px”]This is a wonderful chance to be an enthusiastic cheerleader for our students who have worked so hard and overcome so much to graduate! It is considered quite an honor for our families to have a North American present at a student’s graduation. The trip dates are November 10-18th, 2016. Trip application forms are found on our website if you click on “Your Impact at Work” and then click on the trip dates. Our February 2017 is now full, but we are also accepting applications to be on our July 2017 trip. [spacer height=”20px”]Tentative dates for that trip are July 21-31th, 2017. This team will have the opportunity to participate as a host in a Teacher Professional Development Workshop, to interact with our Nicolás Christian School junior and senior high students and to visit the student’s families in their home villages. Typical trip costs are around $1800 which includes airfares, meals, accommodations and transportation. Spanish language skills are not required. Come on the trip of a lifetime to experience God’s love in a new and personal way, and to witness God’s work in the lives of these students!

Check us out!

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[spacer height=”20px”]Nicolás Fund for Education recently updated our website. We have added brand new photos of each Nicolás Christian School student as well as a gallery of videos to watch. [spacer height=”20px”]Most of these videos were self-produced at Nicolás Christian School by students and teachers telling their story. These videos are a fantastic way to get to know individual students as well as experience the day-to-day life in the school. Our website features dates for upcoming trips as well as trip application forms and instructions, found under the “Your Impact at Work” section. Please take this opportunity to look around the new and improved Nicolás Fund for Education website!

Our New Seventh-Graders Need Your Help!

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Friends, thank you so much for investing in the young lives of Guatemala’s Ixil region! Through your generosity, students from this desperately impoverished region are looking forward to a future free from poverty—through a high-quality secondary education! Because you care deeply about the students we serve together, I want to celebrate with you some of the great accomplishments of the Nicolás Christian School. I also want to share with you an urgent request as the new school year gets underway in January 2017. I am so blessed to report that, still in its first year, the Nicolás Christian School has already become known throughout the Ixil region as a center of educational excellence! Our science and computer labs are one-of-a kind, and our library/resource center is the envy of other schools. The leadership is excellent. And, most important, the school is openly and unapologetically rooted in the Christian faith. No wonder our students are so proud of their school! These amazing blessings are due to donors just like you—along with other faithful friends—who have stepped up to support and pray for the school and NFE students.   This January, a new class of seventh-graders from Agros Ixil villages will start their first year at the Nicolás Christian School. We have begun work with three additional Agros villages, and those children are anxious to begin attending Nicolás Christian School. Three students from San Nicolás, seven students from Cajixay and other students are praying that they will be able to continue their education beyond the sixth grade. We won’t be able to accommodate these additional students unless we can increase our budget. We haven’t yet raised sufficient funding to cover their scholarship …