Showing the Love of Jesus to our Nicolás Fund for Education Students

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[spacer height=”20px”]It is well established that students succeed in their education when caring adults in the school are involved. Certainly, the teachers employed by Nicolás Christian School are of the highest caliber and genuinely do care for our NFE scholars. Students who feel connected to their school also perform better and are less susceptible to risky behaviors such as drug use, early sex or crime.  We want our students to feel that they “belong to” and have pride in Nicolás Christian School. What can NFE supporters personally do to create a culture of connectedness to Nicolás Christian School and help our students feel cared for?

  1. Participate in Impact Team trips to personally meet and encourage the students.
  2. Attend monthly prayer meetings to pray for each student by name and for staff at Nicolás Christian School.
  3. Develop a personal relationship with a particular student and family through sponsorship.  Obviously, this is best accomplished through Impact Team trips but other means of communication is under development with NFE. For example, Zoom video conferencing is available so that you can have a personal conversation with a student. Sponsor to student written communication can be carried by the three teams traveling to the school.  NFE does not permit the giving of gifts to individual students, however. Your provision of education is the most important gift that you could ever give a student.
  4. We want ALL students to feel cared for.  Work with other friends in a project to prepare greeting cards with encouraging messages or scripture bookmarks for all of our students. These cards or bookmarks would be carried to the school by Impact Teams.  This is a great project for a small group or circle.
  5. Keep a photo of a student in your Bible or taped to your bathroom mirror. Remember that student in prayer each day as you do your Bible studies or prepare for the day.



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