Fulfilling a Dream 2024: A Celebration of Education and Empowerment

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Nicolás Fund For Education’s Fulfilling a Dream 2024 fundraisers were a resounding success, bringing together educational supporters, donors, and community members to celebrate the transformative power of education. The events, held at Peninsula Lutheran Church in Gig Harbor on May 2, 2024 and Encounter Church in Mercer Island, WA, on May 3, 2024, showcased the inspiring mission behind Nicolás Fund For Education and the remarkable strides made together.

Unveiling the Mission and Impact

Ivan España, our passionate and dedicated National Director, shared the inspiring mission of Nicolás Fund For Education and the remarkable achievements made possible through the support of our generous donors. Guests were moved by the powerful stories of students whose lives have been dramatically changed. They heard their firsthand testimonials that vividly showcased how contributions fuel dreams and unlock endless potential.

Firsthand Experiences from Mission Trip Members

Mission Trip Members Susan Shamblin, Andrew Metz, and Gabi Beckman shared inspiring stories of their NFE mission trips, during which they had the life-changing opportunity to impact the lives of marginalized youth in the Ixil region of Guatemala. They witnessed firsthand how NFE is breaking the cycle of poverty and injustice through faith and education.

The Birth of Nicolás Fund for Education

Becci Merritt, NFE Board President, shared how Nicolás Fund for Education came to be – a journey of enduring love, transformation, and shared belief in the power of prayer and education to overcome poverty. Twelve years ago, Becci Merritt, Al Lopus, Joan Selvig, Kathy Riper, and Lolo Levy began their mission with hearts that saw a place where chronic grinding poverty and discrimination have a firm stronghold. Becci outlined their 12-year journey from junior and senior high school scholarships to tutoring, starting a school, and ultimately building their very own school campus.

Join the Mission

If you could not attend Fulfilling a Dream 2024, it’s not too late to be a part of this incredible mission. You can watch a video recording of the Mercer Island event on NFE’s YouTube channel. Additionally, you can support the cause by volunteering and providing financial support.

Join us in this vital mission and see the incredible impact we can make together. Every donation fuels our mission, enabling us to keep making a monumental difference through education. Your generosity builds futures, empowers dreams, and transforms lives. Thank you for your unwavering support in making education accessible to all.

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