Education is an act of love.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to equip the future generation of leaders through Christ-centered education to transform their families, villages, and the Ixil Region.

Our students who have graduated are becoming leaders in their communities and some are pursuing additional education that will allow them to become teachers and Principals in local schools. This is a REALLY exciting time for NFE as we are seeing our graduates obtaining secure employment that pays a living wage. 

Byron Ortiz

I’d like to share the story of one of our graduates with you. In Guatemala, it is quite common for university students to go to school on the weekend and work during the week. Byron Ortiz was one of the top 2019 graduates from Nicolás Christian School. After graduation, Byron determined that he wanted to study network and communications engineering at Mariáno Galvez University in Huehuetenángo. 

He applied for a scholarship with our Ten Talents program. He told us that he was very eager to find out if he had received that scholarship because the John Maxwell leadership training that he had received at Nicolás Christian School had taught him that he needed to make a plan and set goals for his future. He couldn’t determine his plan until he found out whether he had a scholarship. If he did not get the scholarship, his plan was to work and save enough money to go to university. He did receive a university scholarship through our Ten Talents program and moved to Huehuetenango.  

Balancing Work and School

Byron got a job at a large supermarket stocking shelves. He now works six days a week and receives a steady paycheck that enables him to pay for the room he rents on the university campus, for his food and his school supplies. Byron works six days a week AND attends classes all day Saturday. 

Now he must study using online classes while schools are closed. Thankfully, the supermarket is considered an essential business, so Byron is still able to work and receive his paycheck. He is very bright and is dedicated to getting good grades. However, taking classes online has been challenging for him. 

Tutoring Help from the U.S.

Recently he contacted Arun Thomas for some help in one of his classes. Arun lives in Bellevue and has traveled to the Ixil on the past four February teams. During the visits to Nicolas Christian School Arun taught computer classes. Byron felt that Arun could help him with some of his homework questions about Excel. With the help of Arun’s wife, Julie, and son, Zach, who are fluent Spanish speakers, Arun was able to give Byron the help he needed. Byron was grateful and very relieved to understand Excel better. 

This is evidence that Byron has the initiative, desire, and persistence to reach his goals and dreams. 

We Need More Tutors

If you are interested in tutoring students using WhatsApp please email We have a particular need for someone with accounting experience willing to be a tutor/mentor to a student. 

Education is Love

 I was reminded of the words of one of our donors, Holly Boone, who said,

“Education is an act of love.”

You are showing your love for these families by helping these students to achieve their educational dreams. And THIS year, especially, it has been so rewarding to see some of these students achieve their educational dreams. Our next milestone will be to see just how these students begin to transform their villages, their communities, and this region of Guatemala! 

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