Feedback from Sprint Team

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Nicolás Fund for Education received feedback from the five-member Seattle Pacific University SPRINT team that visited Nicolás Christian School in August 2017.

The team stayed in the village of La Esperanza for the duration of their thirty-day visit. The team assisted teachers at Nicolás Christian School and one of their prime objectives was to assist our students in practicing English.

What was the best aspect of their time spent at Nicolás Christian School?[spacer height=”20px”]

“Their attitude and the way that they were treating the students were amazing.”

“We share a lot – not enough – but it was a great time.”

“There are so many memorable experiences that I will always continue to remember during my time in Guatemala. The first day that we arrived at NCS was amazing. They were all so friendly and welcoming.”

“It was affirming for me personally to know that I was here intentionally and for a purpose.”

“I also enjoyed getting to know the teachers and students there throughout the whole month.”


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