Evergreen Covenant Youth Experience Nicolás Christian School

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Thirteen youth from Evergreen Covenant Church had a wonderful opportunity this summer…[spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”]


Photo Credit: Sophie

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…to meet Nicolás Christian School students, teachers and village families in the Ixil region of Guatemala.

The ECC youth group was comprised of students of different ages and came from five different schools.  They were united by a common mission for this trip, however.

ECC Youth Experience Ixil Culture

Accompanied by four chaperones (Ryan LaBrie, Scott Kuhn, Kendra Gil and Robin Rosenquist) and ECC Youth Pastor Brent Strobel, the youth carried out a mix of sports activities and classroom activities at Nicolás Christian School. The most meaningful activity that the team experienced was having the opportunity to talk to NCS students and see how happy they were despite having less materially and living under far more difficult circumstances than the ECC youth.

In addition, the youth team visited Professor Noe, a teacher at Nicolás Christian School who had recently suffered a motorcycle accident.  Noe was very touched by the ECC Youth’s visit to pray with him and the visit was an emotional experience for many involved.[spacer height=”20px”]

“The beautiful thing about God’s work in our lives is to see how in giving we all receive. We don’t give to receive, but God is faithful and when we are open to His work and people and vision, he sustains us with meaningful purpose. Many of the kids were touched by a painting given with their name on it or a special recognition by another child.  The ECC kids gave of their money, vacation time and energy on the trip and, in return gained local and Guatemalan friends, a new perspective on God’s work in all of us while practicing Spanish and growing together as a true team. It was beautiful to see so much harmony among the Guatemalan and Northwest kids.”

– Kendra Gil, Chaperone[spacer height=”20px”]

A Visit to Doña Juana

The ECC youth were deeply impacted by visiting the homes of families in Ixil villages and visiting Doña Juana in La Esperanza.  Doña Juana is the mother of Nicolás Christian School student Bernabé.  Doña Juana’s vision has been severely impacted by glaucoma that limits her ability to leave her home. With Bernabé at school for most of the day, life can be lonely for Doña Juana.  She appreciated the singing and praying that the ECC youth did with her so much!

NCS and ECC Students Make Pulseras

The ECC youth shared pastels and different drawing techniques with the NCS students. Both ECC youth and NCS students also made friendship bracelets together, which are called pulseras in Spanish.

Photo Credit: Sophie

ECC Students Participate in Classes

Classes in science taught by the youth team included the topic of sustainability, soil erosion and water pollution. The ECC youth led a reading and a discussion about our connection to the earth and how to be good stewards of God’s gift.

The ECC youth team and their leaders also helped install Microsoft Office in the new NCS computers in the recently expanded lab. NCS students then received a lesson on PowerPoint.

The ECC Youth Team also conducted a class in entrepreneurship and played various games with the NCS students to practice the concepts.

Photo Credit: Gina

[spacer height=”20px”]A Soccer Game to Finish the Week

A soccer arena was rented toward the end of the week so that the ECC youth and the NCS students could play a match.


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