Nicolás Christian School: Excellence in Education on DVD

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[spacer height=”20px”]How might Nicolás Christian School serve communities too remote for students to attend our school?

Some of these communities might only have a school with a teacher but lack the resources for junior and senior high school curriculum. Nicolás Christian School hopes to share the blessing of our excellent teaching staff by making DVDs of classes that could be distributed to other schools or as part of a Nicolás Christian School distance learning program. One example would be English classes presented by our own Professor Moises, who is one of the best English teachers available in this region. The majority of teachers in this area attempting to teach English have a poor grasp of English themselves! Other classes could include mathematics, information technology, etc.

This is more cost-effective for remote villages because they can have one teacher running a junior high school instead of employing eight or nine teachers for specific subjects.

This concept called telesecundaria is quite popular in Mexico and Central America as a means to reach distant small villages without resources to build or operate a school. In some cases, classes can be streamed live if internet capacity exists. Where internet does not exist, all that is required is a TV and a DVD player and electricity or a generator. A local teacher oversees the program and the discussion period that goes over the material after it is shown.

Even more benefits

A side benefit of this program would be the education our Nicolás Christian School students would receive during the filming and editing process that could prepare them for potential future employment in the field of communications.

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