Nicolás Christian School Marching Band

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NCS Band

Villa Hortencia Uno students performing for July 2016 team.

Those of you who have travelled with us to Guatemala know that junior and senior high school marching bands are part of Guatemalan culture.


More often than not, these marching bands perform Christian music. These students have never heard “Louie, Louie”, “Tequila” or “Peter Gunn”!

The sound of a passing marching band with glockenspiels, trumpets and drums often was our breakfast entertainment when our Agros teams used to stay in Cotzal.

Our students would like to develop a school marching band to represent Nicolás Christian School in parades!

Do you have a spare glockenspiel in your closet collecting dust? We would love to send it down to our school with a future team! Other marching band instruments such as marching band drums, trumpets, flutes, etc. are also needed.

If you’d prefer to donate towards the purchase of instruments locally, you can do that on our web page using the “Donate” tab!

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