Our New Seventh-Graders Need Your Help!

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Need Help

Friends, thank you so much for investing in the young lives of Guatemala’s Ixil region! Through your generosity, students from this desperately impoverished region are looking forward to a future free from poverty—through a high-quality secondary education!

Because you care deeply about the students we serve together, I want to celebrate with you some of the great accomplishments of the Nicolás Christian School. I also want to share with you an urgent request as the new school year gets underway in January 2017.

I am so blessed to report that, still in its first year, the Nicolás Christian School has already become known throughout the Ixil region as a center of educational excellence! Our science and computer labs are one-of-a kind, and our library/resource center is the envy of other schools. The leadership is excellent. And, most important, the school is openly and unapologetically rooted in the Christian faith. No wonder our students are so proud of their school!

These amazing blessings are due to donors just like you—along with other faithful friends—who have stepped up to support and pray for the school and NFE students.


This January, a new class of seventh-graders from Agros Ixil villages will start their first year at the Nicolás Christian School. We have begun work with three additional Agros villages, and those children are anxious to begin attending Nicolás Christian School. Three students from San Nicolás, seven students from Cajixay and other students are praying that they will be able to continue their education beyond the sixth grade. We won’t be able to accommodate these additional students unless we can increase our budget. We haven’t yet raised sufficient funding to cover their scholarship needs for the full 2017 school year.

Would you help us meet this need and ensure that all of our new seventh-graders have full funding for the school year?


Your gift of $2,800 will provide a full-year scholarship for one of these new seventh-graders. But even if you cannot give that much, any amount, combined with the gifts of other generous friends, will go a long way to ensure that each of these promising young lives receives a superior secondary education in a school where the Word of God is spoken every day.

Thank you again for your partnership with NFE’s ministry to the deserving youth of the Ixil. And thank you for your prayerful consideration of this request to ensure that all of our incoming seventh-graders receive the full benefit of an outstanding Christ-centered education at Nicolás Christian School.

May God bless you!

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